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Submissions are being accepted for our special teen poetry section.  All submissions can not be accepted.

End of Summer

Remember our poetry
submission guidelines
No totally downer stuff.   Sad can be okay, as shown in  poems
#1 and 2.  Violence  towards yourself or others is never accepted on this  website.  

Always spell check, have  a title, and, if you like, send a short paragraph about your poem.  For example: Why, when, or where you wrote it.  

Send only what you consider really good work . . . your own work.  
Follow the
guidelines. One to three poems per submission.  

 Wonderful !

  1 - Lone Spectator  by  A. Wuest
2 - Unimportant  by A. Russell

 3 - Awaiting My Love  by Helena de Vière Romantic

4 - Who You Really Are by Emily Skeens

 5 - My Life by  Thasan

 6 - Masquerade by Justin Haley Phillips

 7.  Two Eyes by Tori

 8 - Love at First Sight by Steve Shilling

 9 - Misty Morning by Lauren Dak

10 - My Life by Kat Distelrath

11 - Hidden by S.Tribal

12. The Time Between Now and Then by A. Rose

13. Nature's Spectacular by  Elizabeth .

Congratulations to all!   Best wishes in all of your future writing!

 3.   About this poem:  
 Still waiting for my Immortal Beloved.

  Awaiting My Love   by Helena de Vière

Fragrance of misty roses,
Nightly air it sends.
Your letters I read over,
And over once again.
China cups set forward,
Steam trails out your name.
Waiting for your shadow,
Amidst the Autumn rain.
Light spreads across to darkness,
The roaring fire glows.
My love is pricked and bleeding,
By Cupid's arrows and bows.
Yet the candles warm, My Dearest,
As you had warmed my heart.
And how I dream of you, My Dearest,
May we never be apart.

©Helena de Vière  visit Helena's Website


   Lone Spectator
by  A. Wuest

A lone spectator
Silently observing
The game of life
I'm a player of the game
Yet no one gives me the ball
Even when everyone else is covered
And I'm standing, alone
Wide open.
Do they do this because they want to protect me
And keep me from being trampled
Or is it because they find me incompetent
And can't handle my own life
Sure, a few times I've tried to dribble the ball
Only to let it bounce out of bounds
But everybody makes mistakes
Everybody's human

All I'm asking is to play one game
Just one game and not be hassled
If I mess up.
It's my life.

 A. Wuest 2000 website

5.  about your poem: my life

   My Life by  Thasan

 As you may be aware,
Of the committee's motion for care.
Seduced by the fetish motion,
I look for my life's potion.

 My life's a distant memory,
Upon which I lay a sympathetic salutary.
I search for infinite glory,
To build a shrine for security.

I've conquered many worries,
And solved many mysteries.
Yet, you may think that my life's disastrous,
But I say, it's blooming marvelous.

© Thasan

  7.   Two Eyes by Tori

You have two eyes but you don't see.
How the world is today or how it will be.
Instead of the present you live in the past,
It's heck and you know it,
but you can't come back.

All I can do is stand by your side,
And watch you wonder if there is a meaning to  your life.

I know there is,
I know it is true,
'Cause I want you to know,
That I love you.

©  Tori

 8. about your poem: I'm a grad from BU and gave this to a girl I'd completely
 fallen in love with and still love to this day.  She is gone.
I wonder if I will  ever be  lucky enough to see her again

    Love at First Sight by Steve Shilling

 Love at first sight
I wonder where you came from that night
Like a dream come true
My thoughts plaqued about what I would do
I live for the next time we meet
And smell your fragrance so warm and sweet
With bodies so close I can feel our hearts beat
Together they form a intricate rhythm no two can repeat
More than just a feeling
My whole world is turned upside down
Life would be so perfect
If you were in my arms right now
Awake I daydream about the times we spent  together
The way we stared at each other
And how nothing else in the world mattered
So close yet so far away
I get frustrated that I can't see your beautiful face
Never in my life have I felt this way before
Everytime I think of you I only want you more
I dont know what else to say or do
Except tell you I have truly fallen in love with you

 ©   Steve Shilling

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 9.   about your poem: My old neighbor hood where I  lived. Most of my life really inspired me to write this poem. Everytime I read it , it makes me feel like I'm  there again and I can almost hear the sounds and smell the smells that I once took for granted.

  Misty Morning by Lauren Dake

 misty morning awaits
 mailbox lined streets
 where i once strode
 candy coated houses
 sweetness dripping from the windows
 onto the charcoal road
 helpless yips of the neighbors dog
 the sound of hop-scotch in the distance
 everything coated with morning fog
 fresh cut lawns
 lights turning on from inside closed shutters
 the scent of dew near dawn
 the misty morning awaits

©   Lauren Dake


 11. about your poem : This is a  poem about my 4 year battle with anorexia. Perhaps one day I shall truly prevail over it, but until then this poem helps me to remember my  goal. Hopefully, it will help others, too.

  Hidden by S.Tribal

 Some days seen,
 Some days forgot.
 Always in existence,
 Even when you're not.
 Created by memory,
 Existing with pain,
 Becoming the shadows,
 And so you remain.
 I stand up and fight,
 But to save you I cope.
 Though it's not always right,
 You've left me with hope.
 Strength for the future,
 To defy my own past,
 And reclaim the part of me,
 That was long ago cast.
 Reflections don't lie,
 Yet the mind can be tainted.
 A distorted mural,
 Carelessly painted.
 Of love and of life,
 I have so much to learn.
 But my thoughts shall be free
 Until you return.

©   S.Tribal

 13. about your poem:
Inspired by the beauty of nature

 Title:  Nature's Spectacular by Elizabeth

Sun's rays cast gold diamonds spontaneous across the water
North wind sends raging ripples rushing to the rocky shore
A feathery cloud sails past a portion of the
sun causing its remaining rays to freckle the forest floor
The countless colorful fish
carried by the current confidently caress the stream's surging surface
Waving wildflowers
splatter the wild sea of lizard green grass
What a blessing!

© Elizabeth

 4.   About this poem:    My  best  friend  who strives  to
make everyone happy  never shows  her true self unless
she's  around  me.  I was  just  thinking  about her  when
 I came across this page so I  wrote this.

   Who You Really Are by Emily Skeens

To show your true self would be a crime
You don't want anyone to know that you cry
You act so happy to make them smile
But behind closed doors nothing's worth while
You cry when you spend the night
Because I'm the only one who will listen
All those you were there for turn their backs
But I'm always here for you and you know that
So tell me all secrets
And feed me no more lies
And I'll try and help you through and this pain inside.

©  Emily Skeens

 2.   About this poem : "One night I was feeling  lonely
and sad and I sat outside with mixed feelings  swirling
around in my head, so I wrote them down
and expressed them in this poem."

   Unimportant   by A. Russell

I'm sitting on my porch all alone
Trying to fight these tears
But they're just too strong

I just got off the phone
No one even noticed
My wavy voice or my sorrow tone

I'm good at hiding my tears
People think they know me
But oh they have another
Thought coming their way

I looked up to the sky
To find a star to wish upon
But it's so cloudy I can't see any
I can't even talk to the man in the moon

Nobody here to talk to
No shoulders to cry on
Just my pencil and my paper

I'm sitting on my porch all alone
Trying to fight these tears
But they're just too strong . . .
©A. Russell

 6. about your poem :  For the longest time, I was  having these
odd thoughts about life, that I'm sure lots of people think about.  
Still, it bothered me.  Things that affect me that much, I put into poetry.  
In this case, it took me a few years to come up  with the words and
 ideas to do so.  That's a long  time to carry such a mind-burden.  
Anyway, this is  the longest poem I've ever written, and one of the best.  Enjoy!

  Masquerade by Justin Haley Phillips

Peep at them through your
They don't know you.
They can't tell who that is
   behind the mask.
Twirl throughout this dizzying dance
bright costumes and hidden faces
   swaying in a mixed up
   messed up
   jumble of entangled bodies.
   And then confronted by
that ever-present question:
   Who are you?
In attempt to answer
   tug at your mask.
Pull, scratch, tear
   until you bleed.
   It stays.
You are trapped:
   prisoner to anonymity
swept along by this sea of the costumed
drowning in your silent screams of sorrow
   of terror
   of fury
   of confusion.
They echo within your long-abandoned mind
   ricocheting off jagged remnants
  of childhood dreams and wishes.
Crystalized fantasies like so many bugs in amber
   are the only witnesses to your pain
   omniscient, and mute.
Your heart, swaddled in festive cloth,
   beats slowly
   does only what it must.
Anything more is a burden.
   Unwrap it.
   Hold it in your hands.
Be gentle.
   Not what it used to be?
Grayed and shrunken
   almost wrinkly.
Reminds you of your grandmother,
   feels like rice paper.
Your soul, somewhere under the bed of your inside,
   is dusty
   you forgot you put it there, for "safekeeping".
You forgot you had one.
   Wipe it off.
   Shine it on your sleeve.
Be careful.
   Not what you remember?
Cracks run like spiderwebs.
The glow is gone
   all that emanates from it now
   is the smell of mold and dirty socks.
All this while
as you screamed in silence
revealed your heart
found your soul
   you've been dancing.
Your being is free
for your feet know their work
   will stop for nothing
   can stop for nothing.
   until the music ends
   or better yet
until the magic spell is cast
   or curse is lifted
and the masks may be removed.
Then can we stop this ridiculous masquerade
    to truly
    each other.                 

©  J. H. Phillips

 10. about your poem: This poem, in itself, is a 
mirror image of my life, not always noticed by others.  
It involves my struggles and internal battles  that all at some point must face.

   My Life by Kat Distelrath

  They say she is beautiful
 She is perfect in their eyes
 She has everything she wants
 And they want her life
 But look beyond the mortal
 See a soul battered and torn
 Taken away from her kin
 Only months from being born
 So lives an empty void
 Wondering who she is
 Never feeling she belonged
 Because of all of this
 And her beauty
 They say is all so nice
 Poor decieved fools
 Her beauty has a price
 Unnatural beauty
 Unnoticed by them all
 For this beauty
 She could have lost her life, lost it all
 And in her dreams
 A nightmarish hell
 So young, so abused
 Her innocence fell
 But her dreams
 Were true reality
 She tries to wash away those years
 She wants again to be free
 So she flies to a place
 Hidden to the world as a whole
 She puts on a smiling mask
 And plays her role

©   Kat Distelrath

 12. about your poem: I wrote this on a spur
of the moment thing, I had a thought about the
time lapse between what was now, and what will
be then, and merged it with  thoughts of my life and such.

  The Time Between Now and Then     
Arionna Rose

The time between now and then
Maybe I will find why I feel this way
The time between now and then
Maybe it's tommorrow and today
Every new day
Reaps a brand new beginning
But somehow I get lost
Mindless nothings send me spinning
Upon this floor of glass
Carefully placing each step
I still fall as they watch me
Laughing as away I crept
Far from the gazes
The words and the stares
Trying to be someone I'm not
For someone who isn't even there
Someday I'll break loose
Rid myself these chains when
The moment comes
The time between now and then

©  Arionna Rose

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